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Steve Escarcega

Steve began his photography work “old-school” when film was in vogue, and details of the print had to be addressed before you took the shot.
He has carried on this tradition into the digital age and has become one of today’s talented celebrity portrait and fashion photographers.
His resume includes portraits of entertainers and actors, portraits of graduates at several universities, red carpet coverage at private screenings and film festivals, premier international screenings, and celebrity fashion shows.
To name a few, The International Family Film Festival, and the Universe Multicultural Film Festival. He has also served as a runway photographer at high profile fashion shows such as Metropolitan Fashion Week and Style Fashion Week.
He is a Special Events Photographer serving at private invitation-only fundraiser events including “Lov Matters Charity” for disabled children, “Vanderpump Dog Charity Gala” for wayward animals, and many other unique annual gatherings such as “Roaring 20’s Lawn Picnic” and media coverage of “The Follies” formal event, in its 10th year gala.

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