The Service:

Snapped4U offers an easy way to sell event photos. The account owner creates a gallery, sets the photo price, and uploads the photos. Snapped4U sells the photos as jpeg files and emails purchases immediately upon receipt of payment. The maximum photo price that can be set is $20.

On the 1st of each month, Snapped4U transfers the balance in the account owner’s Snapped4U account to the account owner’s PayPal account. For this reason, the email address used for the Snapped4U account must be the same email used for the PayPal account. On the 15th of each month, a second monthly payment is made to account owners with a balance of $50 or more.

Each account owner has a Personal Page exclusively of their active galleries. The url may be personalized, and there is the option to include an image and short bio, too.

The Galleries:

Snapped4U offers 2 types of galleries:

The account owner is responsible for organizing, identifying, and promoting the gallery to make it customer-friendly.

The Photos:

Snapped4U is for event photography and portrait photography. Customers visit Snapped4U to purchase photos they are in.   Travel, landscape, still-life, and stock photos are not for Snapped4U.  

The Fees: