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Amanda Akins

Hi and Hello! I am Amanda, mother, wife, somewhat artist of sorts, full time employee, and furbaby caretaker. I have 2 amazing daughters, one is in college now and one is a Junior in high school. I can't complain about much; I have a job, a roof over my head, food in our bellies, kids are healthy. I may not have it as good as some but better than others, so I don't take that for granted. I try to help anyone that needs it, whether that may be financial, food, clothes, or just a shoulder to cry on. Photography is a side job but a full time passion for me, I take all kinds of photos but action shots are my passion. I take my photography very seriously, no one knows EVERYTHING about photography even if they say they do. I am self taught so many do not see me as a professional, I don't see myself as a professional so it's okay...I love the way I feel when I get reactions from people and to me that is enough.
Thanks for reading a little about me and for looking at my work. See you next time!

Amanda Akins

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